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Floor Puzzle | T-Rex | Tyranosaurus Jigsaw

Sold in Units of: 3
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SKU HJ-1790
ROAR! Enjoy putting together this giant floor puzzle of one of the most terrifying creatures that ever roamed the planet. Watch as T-Rex comes to life, piece-by-piece, while you learn about dinosaurs from the free poster. There are 10 extra pieces included that showcase other dinosaur breeds along with some egg and footprint pieces. A must have gift for all young dinosaur fans.

Tyrannosaurus Rex – (tyrant lizard king in Latin) lived throughout what is now North America. A bipedal carnivore, with a massive skull full of teeth, a long heavy tail which balanced out the weight of the head and comparatively small fore limbs with two clawed digits. Thought to grow up to 40ft (12.3m) in length and up to 13ft (3.96m) tall and weighing in at estimates of between 8.4 – 14 metric tonnes.

Puzzle dimensions: 68cm x 82cm
Poster dimensions: 25cm x 87cm
Age: 4-8 years
Contents: 30 piece puzzle, 10 extra dinomania pieces, 1 x poster