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IQ Key Advanced 1200

by IQ Key

Sold in Units of: 1
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SKU IQ-0104
With endless possible construction potential the Advance 1200 kit is the ultimate educational toy. This model contains over 122 pieces with the ability for your child to learn the mechanics of motions and the basic principles of science.

Encourage your child to design and build all the machines their mind can dream of, and then with the remote control make their creation come to life. The Advance 1200 kit focuses on educating children in the core elements of construction, teaching them how gears work and move a robotic creation.

With up to 25 model possibilities, this kit is a unique learning and fun experience for all kids and adults over 9 years of age.

Product dimensions: 50cm x 35cm x 8.12cm
Product weight: 1.92kg
Age: 9 years and up
Materials: polycarbonate – safe for children