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Orboot: World of Dinosaurs

by Shifu

Sold in Units of: 4
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SKU SH-0027
Shifu Orboot is the first-ever AR educational globe, and was born via Kickstarter. Great for homeschoolers, classrooms, and parents to teach kids about planets through interactive experiences. 
  • With the globes and companion app, kids can travel and explore through visual storytelling, music and voice interactions as well as in-app quizzes and challenges. Orboot is powered by the Orboot app that is available in 8 languages.
  • With a wide variety of content in each Orboot experience, the product naturally grows with a child. 

Bring alive more than 50 dinosaurs.
Interact in 3D and find out characteristics, traits, and facts
Unravel the timeline of this era and how dinosaurs went extinct