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Sterling | Biology Book | Michael C. Gerald

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This title comes from the incredibly popular Sterling Milestones series. From the emergence of life, to Leewenhoek's microscopic world, to GMO crops, 

The Biology Book presents 250 landmarks in the most widely studied scientific field. Brief, engaging, and colourfully illustrated synopses introduce readers to every major subdiscipline, including cell theory, genetics, evolution, physiology, thermodynamics, molecular biology and ecology. 

With information on such varied topics as paleontology, pheromones, nature vs nurture, DNA fingerprinting, bioenergetics, and so much more, this lively collection will engage everyone who studies and appreciates the life sciences.

About the Author

Michael C. Gerald, PhD, is Professor Emeritus of Pharmacy at the University of Connecticut and has served as Dean of the school. He was previously a consultant to the World Health Organization in Geneva. 

Formerly a member of the Board of Directors of the Patient Access Network Foundation, he has written more than 100 publications and five books, including The Drug Book (9781402782640), The Poisonous Pen of Agatha Christie (University of Texas Press), and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Prescription Drugs (Alpha)