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Tecno Toolbox

Sold in Units of: 2
Current stock: 27
SKU QI-6125

All kids are fascinated with their folk’s toolbox. Our Tecno Toolbox comes with a realistic and completely safe reproduction of the most common handyman tools, including a cross tip screwdriver, a slotted screwdriver, a wrench bar, and a hex key. The set also provides nuts, bolts and washers to tighten the connectors and the other shaped pieces onto the threaded base to create all possible fun combinations. After playing, all tools store neatly in the take-along box, with the play base doubling as a practical lid. This is the ideal game for children to familiarize themselves with mechanics and to creatively develop their fine motor skills and coordination.


1 base

1 storage box with handles

60 screws, bolts and washers

4 three-dimensional threaded elements

11 bi-dimensional threaded elements

4 tools

1 album with instructions and examples