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Freeze Dried Lollies

Discover the Magic of Freeze Dried Lollies

At Heebie Jeebeis, we take your favorite lollies to a whole new level! We use the fascinating freeze-drying, process originally created for NASA missions, and use it to make your favourite candy super-sized and extra crispy right here is Australia.

Super Crispy

These lollies are now crunchy, the process expands them to double or triple their size, making for a lightweight treat.

Super Dried

99% of the water sublimates and is removed from the lollies, ensuring they stay crunchy for years!

Super Tasty

With no moisture to dilute the flavour, the taste and sugar is concentrated in the lollies.'


Frequently Asked Questions

How is freeze dried candy made?

Freeze dried candy undergoes a unique and fascinating process. First, the candy is frozen to an extremely low temperature. Then, it's placed in a vacuum chamber where the pressure is reduced, and heat is applied. This causes the water content within the candy to sublimate, turning into a gas. The water vapor is then removed from the chamber, leaving behind perfectly freeze dried candy – crispy, lightweight, and packed with flavor.


What machine is used to make freeze dried candy?

The machine commonly used to make freeze dried candy is called a freeze dryer, or lyophilizer. This specialized equipment is designed to lower the pressure and temperature within a chamber, allowing for the sublimation of water from the candy while preserving its shape and flavor. Freeze dryers are essential in creating the unique texture and characteristics of freeze dried candy.


When was Freeze Dried Candy invented?

Freeze Dried Candy is a modern marvel, harnessing technology originally developed for NASA's Apollo missions in the 1960s. The freeze drying process, which inspired the creation of freeze dried candy, was invented during that era to create lightweight and long-lasting food for astronauts in space. Since then, it has been adapted and perfected to bring you the delightful freeze dried candy we know and love today.



We offer freeze dried lollies and freeze dried candy wholesale and all our lollies are processed and packed here in Australia. We have a wide range of wholesale freeze dried candy in Australia.