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10 Ideas to Save the Planet

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In this "approachable series" (Booklist), one small action a day can make a difference . . . in a big way! In 10 Ideas to Save the Planet, we explore how to BE GREEN to counteract the effects of pollution and global warming in our everyday lives.

Are you ready to save the planet? You might be thinking, "I don't own a factory that spews chemicals into the air! I don't even drive!" If you think only grown-ups can save the planet ... think again! It's a group effort, and you're a major player too. So let's get started with 10 easy ideas!

In this book, learn all about environmental conservation with little (but powerful!) actions, including:
Making a bee-saving oasis!
Earning a black belt in recycling!
Using your imagination to reuse objects-and reduce waste . . . and more!

With tips and everyday activities, this book brings environmental conservation into your home, your classroom, and the real world. Put these 10 ideas into practice at home or at school, and share them with friends and family!