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2024 Australasian Sky Guide - RRP $24.99

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Discover the wonders of the night sky with the comprehensive 2024 Australasian Sky Guide. Authored by renowned astronomer Dr. Nick Lomb, this sought-after guide provides stargazers with a wealth of information about the southern night sky. Stay updated with the latest insights on the solar system, delve into historical features, and navigate effortlessly with monthly sky maps. Exciting celestial events happening throughout the year are meticulously detailed, accompanied by helpful viewing tips for urban dwellers. No matter your location in Australia or New Zealand, easily calculate the local rise and set times for the Sun, Moon, and planets. This edition also boasts a captivating feature authored by Uncle Ghillar Michael Anderson, shedding light on the stars and Euahlayi Law. Enhance your celestial journeys with the 2024 Australasian Sky Guide.

by Nick Lomb