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Wudimals Dromedary Handmade Wooden Toy

Sold in Units of: 2
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SKU WM-40473
Barcode: 0701575404735
The dromedary, also known as the Arabian camel, is a fascinating creature that has adapted remarkably well to life in the desert. With its single hump, it is perfectly equipped to store fat reserves, allowing it to survive in harsh conditions without water for long periods of time. In addition, dromedaries have specially adapted nostrils and eyelashes that help prevent sand from entering their lungs and eyes, making them perfectly suited for their arid environment. These majestic creatures have played a crucial role in the lives of humans for centuries, serving as reliable pack animals, sources of milk and meat, and companions in the vast desert landscapes.

Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not submerge in water. Do not leave outside. Do not leave on or near a heat source such as a radiator.

As all animals are hand carved and hand painted, they are each unique. This is part of the beauty and value of Wudimals. There will always be very slight variations in fine details, so no one else in the world has exactly the same animal as you!

Suitable for Ages 3+