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Heebie Jeebies | Galileo Thermometer | 44cm

Sold in Units of: 2
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SKU HJ-6182
Barcode: 9341570001129

The Galileo Thermometer is an elegant temperature reading device that every science geek needs. It is a sealed glass cylinder that contains clear liquid and glass bulbs that are all different density. As the temperature changes, the balls rise and fall, giving you a temperature reading.

The temperature is read from the engraved metal discs that hang off each bulb – if a bulb is floating in the middle, that is the current temperature, or if some are at the top and some at the bottom the temperature will between the bulbs on either side of the gap.

There are 3 sizes of Galileo Thermometer available. This one is 44cm tall with 10 glass balls (temperature range 16°C to 34°C). This is the perfect gift for mum, dad, or any nerdy adult as it is a beautiful piece to put on display.