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Herschel Solar Print A4 Refill Kit

Sold in Units of: 6
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SKU HJ-0501
Barcode: 9341570105001

Introducing Solar Print by Herchel – the simple way to create cool art using just the sun. This sun print paper lets you make awesome and unique art with minimal effort.

In 1892 John Hershel published research on the use of iron compounds with light-sensitive materials, a pivotal step in the creation of the Cyanotype, also known as the Solar Print. This innovative photographic technique involved exposing materials coated with iron salts to sunlight, resulting in the creation of striking blue and white images. Our Sun Print Paper brings this historical process to your fingertips.

Just place a fern, flower, or whatever you like on the special paper, leave it in the sun for a bit, then rinse it with water. Boom – a cool, long-lasting picture appears!

Solar Print by Herchel is more than just a product – it's a nod to the past and a fun way to make art. Try it out and bring the sun into your creative process. Get Solar Print by Herchel today and see the sun in a whole new light!

Kit Contains:

12 29.7x21cm Light-Sensitive Blue Paper Sheets