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Orange Monster

Sold in Units of: 2
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SKU PC-004404
Barcode: 5060311836571
  • Meet our charming Baby Orange Monster puppet – a burst of fun and creativity to add extra spark to your puppetry adventures! With its bright orange colour, tufty hair and glasses, friendly character makes a delightful addition to our Baby Monsters collection.
  • Features an air-filled squeaker in the mouth for generating various sounds and added fun, this puppet has a large mouth that is really easy to use - complete with tongue and teeth!
  • This Baby Orange Monster is part of a collection of six fantastic designs and colours to suit all tastes and create instantly eye-catching displays. Their dangly arms and legs look great sitting on the edge of bookcases or shalves!
  • Encourages communication and creative play. Hand puppets stimulate creativity, imagination and help develop fine-motor skills.
  • Suitable for children 12 months and above. Average Height: 35 cm x Width 20 cm x Depth 16 cm