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Quercetti | Skyrail Race | Marble Run

Sold in Units of: 2
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Barcode: 8007905066638

Ready, Set... Go!
 Presenting the new Skyrail Race: a double track rollercoaster for spectacular marble races. The two parallel tracks, assembled using suspension wires, are designed to be used with multiple marbles, so you can race against your friends or set the balls rolling at different times. The suspension wires are not only to keep the structure stable, but also to allow you to change the elevation of the tracks and personalize the route. Skyrail Race is also useful for observations, experiments and discoveries to understand the fundamental principles of physics (velocity, gravity, centrifugal force, friction). This all makes for an exceptionally educational game, with hours of fun and safe playtime assured.

Challenge your friends in exciting marble races!


14 straight tracks
24 curved tracks
4 bases
12 columns
38 joints
3 marbles
2 tie-rods
1 cardboard plank with 2 shapes
other 86 pieces
1 manual with examples


Made In Italy

Ages 6-12