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The Curious Kids Science Book - RRP $39.99

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Introducing The Curious Kid's Science Book, the ultimate tool for young scientists! With over 100 hands-on activities, this book is designed to engage children with fun and imaginative experiments using everyday household items. Kids will have a blast learning important science, technology, engineering, and math skills through creative and age-appropriate activities. By encouraging children to ask their own scientific questions and embrace failed experiments, this book not only nurtures their curiosity but also boosts their confidence and excitement about the sciences. Plus, with practical explanations and real-life applications, children will understand the concepts covered and even be able to apply them in the real world. Incorporating science into your child's routine will not only enhance their learning but also improve their performance in the classroom. Just one experiment a week will empower your young scientist to design and execute their own science fair projects, ensuring their success and fostering a lifelong love for science.

by Asia Citro